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The following letter is reprinted with permission from the ABATE of South Dakota Legislative Research Chair, Wayne Lettau.

Hello and welcome to my world. Is there such a thing as doing TOO GOOD of a job?

I often ask myself that question when looking at our organization. It is a natural reaction when you consider the 1% rule. 1% of our organization is actually active. Sure they pay their dues each year & they love motorcycling, but do they love it enough to do something about protecting it? Not usually. They will attend a party or function but that is the only time you see them. Well, except when you meet them out riding. But, if it weren’t for our organization & what we do, how much would their day to day riding experience change? I can tell you unequivocally that they would be wearing a helmet. All motorcycles would have stock exhaust & would look much the same. So they all look the same, sound the same & everyone is in a helmet. Still sound “fun” to you?

Now consider the “end of life” rule that was in Europe a few years ago. Now everybody’s motorcycle would be 5 years or less old. See how much more alike we would be? Thankfully, those of us that have done “TOO GOOD” of a job of protecting motorcycling & worked tirelessly to keep it as free & unencumbered by regulation as possible were here.

The analogy of many hands make light work is true & sometimes when you least expect it that analogy needs to come to fruition. If every member would take the time to contact our representatives & get behind this profiling bill, things would continue along the vein we have enjoyed for so long. If this profiling thing doesn’t gain some traction & get some legs, then we can expect more of it. Like a little kid, once they get away with something with no punishment or repercussions it gives them the false sense that it is OK or right. And, that is simply not true. Picking on someone simply for a lifestyle choice is wrong. Especially when that lifestyle choice is neither, illegal or immoral, but simply different. In every lifestyle, there are bad apples but that doesn’t make the whole box bad.

We all know good honest accountants, good lawyers & good law enforcement. Unfortunately in each of those vocations there are also bad apples. So, why shouldn’t lawyers & accountants all be randomly checked to try & catch the bad apples? These random checks are profiling. No probable cause is present but stops are made based on dress & mode of transportation. If we don’t check all the suits in flashy cars, or vehicles following behind ambulances, then why is it OK to stop someone in leather on a motorcycle?
If you ride we need your action on this issue. We need ALL members to take action & contact their Senator for action on this issue.

We also need nonmembers who ride to take action. It is their future as well that is in jeopardy. If you know someone who rides that is not a member then pass the word. We ALL need to step up and take action before it is too late.

In the words of Michael Farabaugh, “they have been riding on my gas long enough”.

Wayne Lettau
Legislative Research Chair
ABATE of South Dakota

It should be noted that our own Senator Lisa Murkowski has already signed-on as a co-sponsor for this legislation!  Let’s get Senator Dan Sullivan and Congressman Don Young to sign-on as well!

Please click on this link and fill out your information.  It will automatically select your legislatures in Washington, DC and draft a letter regarding this issue for you. Once you review the letter, you can modify it or you can add your own personal thoughts if you wish.
Here are other issues that the MRF is tracking for you.  Please check these out.

Please help ABATE of Alaska and the MRF make a difference for you, the motorcycle rider!


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