Who We Are

ABATE of Alaska is a corporation, not a “motorcycle club” or riding group. We are individuals from different backgrounds & political views coming together to ensure that the motorcycle enthusiast lifestyle will always be enjoyable for ourselves and future generations. We do this by ensuring that the motorcyclists’ point of view is presented to our legislators, both here in Alaska & in the federal government. We seek to join together Alaska’s motorcycle community in an effort to work towards realistic legislation that ensures safety and freedom of our public roads, provide motorcycle awareness and safety programs to the general public as well as promote the enjoyment of motorcycling in general.

We are your neighbors: doctors, lawyers, business owners, law enforcement, clergy, computer geeks, accountants & more. We’re you’re friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, moms, & dads.

We represent all brands of motorcycles as well as all groups & clubs within our great state.

We encourage all our members to be informed, registered voters. We write letters and interact with our elected officials as well as stay vigilant of changes regarding motorcycle legislation, education and other transportation issues. We raise awareness, teach motorcycle safety, & advocate for motorcycle rights. To do that we have events and motorcycle runs throughout the year.

While it’s true we sit at meetings each month, we also ride our motorcycles…a lot more than you might imagine! Our members are not required to attend meetings but we encourage participation in our efforts to defend your right to ride.

Anyone interested in motorcycling may attend our meetings and events. Many of our members are passengers or no longer ride motorcycles, but we all share this interest.

Let’s face it – the people who are making our laws know little or nothing about motorcycles, and only by working together can we prevent legislation which will adversely affect our chosen┬álifestyle. Through A.B.A.T.E. we can work to present a positive image of motorcycling while protecting & defending your rights, thereby encourage it’s continued growth.

Further reading: The History of A.B.A.T.E.

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