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We insure your freedom by fighting anti-bike legislation and promoting fair motorcycle legislation. We do not advocate that you ride without a helmet, only that you have the right to decide.

We encourage people to stay informed about motorcycle issues. A major goal of ours is to protect motorcycling so that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy motorcycling as we do now.

  • Did you know seat belts for motorcycles has been discussed right in this country?
  • Do you want to have to wear an orange vest to ride your motorcycle down the road?

It has been suggested. Again, we are not just about repealing helmet laws. We have many issues that we deal with. It is a lot harder to try to remove a law than to lobby to keep improper laws from being made. It is our duty to the future of motorcycling that we do everything we can to prevent uneducated motorcycle laws from being passed by people that do not understand the lifestyle or our motorcycles.

There are discussions of legislation which can favorably or adversely affect motorcyclists. Getting a bill passed, or defeating one, requires a monumental effort by those who are concerned with the particular issue it addresses. There are literally thousands of bills introduced during each legislative session. When the issue pertains to only a relatively small segment of the population, the task becomes even more difficult.

Get involved! These changes can’t be made by a handful of people; it takes a vast number to unite as one. You are always stronger and louder when you are united for the same cause.

ABATE is what it says: Alaska Bikers Advocating Training and Education. It says we are the vast number united to make the necessary changes we would like to see in our government. That’s why we need to let our legislators hear from us. Not just once; as many times as possible.

Tom Evans
Legislative Affairs Officer

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