A.B.A.T.E. of Anchorage Board & Officers for 2021

Board Members      
Seat Name Phone Email Address
Board Chairman “Big Dave Grizzly” Monroe 907-360-0517 bigdave@abateofalaska.com
Board Member Tiffany “12 Gauge Page” Karling UNLISTED tiffany@abateofalaska.com
Board Member Daniel “Spider” Schneider
907-360-2246 spider@abateofalaska.com
Board Member “Peppermint” Patti Bogan UNLISTED peppermintpatti@abateofalaska.com
Board Member Bonnie Welsh UNLISTED bonnie@abateofalaska.com
Board Member Kat Sowa-Lapinskas UNLISTED kat@abateofalaska.com
President Ken Coston UNLISTED president@abateofalaska.com
President Emeritus Karl “Two Tone” LeRay    
Office Name Phone Email Address
President Ken Coston UNLISTED anc.president@abateofalaska.com
Vice President Jared Noble UNLISTED anc.vp@abateofalaska.com
Secretary Lesle “Scottie” Moore UNLISTED anc.secretary@abateofalaska.com
Treasurer Tim Kelly 907-230-7045 anc.treasurer@abateofalaska.com
Sgt-At-Arms Daniel Schneider 907-360-2246 anc.sgt@abateofalaska.com
Legislative Affairs Tom Evans UNLISTED anc.legislative@abateofalaska.com
Run Coordinator Kat Sowa-Lapinkas UNLISTED anc.run@abateofalaska.com
Newsletter Editor Teo Ransum UNLISTED newsletter@abateofalaska.com
Membership Marie Berry UNLISTED anc.membership@abateofalaska.com
Rider Education Coor.
Bonnie Welsh 907-562-2324 anc.ridered@abateofalaska.com
Gaming Dan “RC” Owens 907-317-1436 anc.gaming@abateofalaska.com
Products Ed Rutledge 907-317-1436 anc.products@abateofalaska.com
Public Relations Tiffany “12 Gauge Page” Karling UNLISTED anc.pr@abateofalaska.com
ABATE of Alaska State Rep Tim Kelly 907-230-7045  
ABATE of Alaska State Rep Ken Coston UNLISTED