Why Join?

As a motorcyclist why should I be a member of ABATE of Alaska? What does it do for me anyway? Have
you ever asked yourself these questions? Here are some of the answers.

ABATE of Alaska is the State Motorcycle Rights Organization  (SMRO) for the State of Alaska. Regardless if you wear a
patch, are an independent rider, if you ride a cruiser, or ride a sport bike, if you are on two or three wheels, you are a motorcyclist.  All motorcyclists should have all rights and freedoms to ride the open road without interference from local, State or Federal entities.

ABATE of Alaska works with, and supports, officials in the local, state, and federal levels along with
other State Motorcycle Rights Organization’s (SRMO) from all over the USA to assure these rights. These
rights include profiling or being pulled over simply because you are on a motorcycle or dressed like a
“biker”. There are many other freedoms (aftermarket products, noise levels, dress, fuel composition, lane
splitting, V2V communication to name a few) that can be taken from us.

ABATE of Alaska administers and teaches the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) motorcycle safety
courses in Anchorage and to military personnel on JBER. Whether you are a brand new rider, or an
experienced rider wanting to refine your skills, we offer instruction to make sure you have the tools to be
safer and more aware while you are riding. ABATE also performs road testing thereby relieving pressure
on the Division of Motor Vehicles and saving you time in obtaining your motorcycle license.

ABATE of Alaska sponsors five major events. First, is the annual Gathering and Bike Blessing on the Park
Strip on the first Saturday in May. The Gathering brings together the entire motorcycle community
for a day of brother and sisterhood with booths representing many organizations, foods, vendors and
the Presentation of the Colors by the Alaska Vets Motorcycle Club. It is the official platform for kicking
off May: Motorcycle Awareness Month, throughout the State of Alaska, as decreed by the Governor.
Motorcycle Awareness Month is geared to bring motorcycle awareness to the public at large; emphasize
that we are on the road and to watch for us. ABATE of Alaska reinforces May: Motorcycle Awareness
Month, with radio advertising, ads and print. In 2016, over one thousand motorcycles came to the
Gathering. The second major event is the Break-Up Run also in May. Then, in July, is ABATE’s annual
Christmas in July when motorcyclists join together to deliver toys and joy to various locations for children
in need. We do this because bikers know that bikers care about those less fortunate, especially, when it
comes to children. In the middle of September, ABATE of Alaska sponsors the Freeze-Up Run, celebrating
the seasons riding adventures and signaling the seasons end soon. In January, when all the holidays and
parties have ended, ABATE of Alaska throws it’s Meet & Greet. At the Meet & Greet, all bikers, riders,
members, and their guests can join together again, in the midst of the cold and dark and re-unite over
an ABATE of Alaska hosted dinner, free to members and their guests, usually at La Cabana restaurant in

These are just a few of the things your membership in ABATE of Alaska help provide. For more
information, you can go to ABATEOFALASKA.COM or contact one of our Officers or Board members for
more information (

ABATE of Alaska is a 510(c)3 nonprofit organization. All of our Officers and Board Members are volunteers
and do not get paid. We encourage all our members to volunteer where they can to help us maintain our
rights as motorcyclists. You make us strong.