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Marcy Newberry Simpson
Celebration of Life

Marcy Newberry Simpson Obituary

Marcy Lee Newberry Simpson was born December 14th 1967 in Portland Oregon to Virgil Lee Newberry and Barbara Sharon Newberry Vedder. Her early years were spent in the Portland area with her many siblings. School was always something she enjoyed and excelled at. Weekends were usually spent at Pine Hollow, Oregon camping, swimming, fishing, and laughing with family and friends. In 1978 Marcy, Virgil, Bobby, and Dan moved there permanently. It was a drastic change at first but Marcy always made friends fast. Grade school in Wamic, Oregon was a VERY different experience, at first. Going from a large school in the city, to an 8 grade/4 classroom school was a culture shock. But she adapted fast and was well liked by all. In these years she met friends that would prove to be lifelong. In the mid 80’s she moved to Alaska with her mother Bobby. She spent time in Fairbanks, North Pole, and Anchorage and then ended up in the remote arctic village of Kotzebue. Again, she made lifelong friends here. She graduated from Kotzebue High School as Valedictorian and a member of the honor society. She went on to college, first in Kent, Washington and then in Anchorage, pursuing a math degree and thinking about a teaching degree as well. In 1989 she met Troy Mohr. They were together for 2 years, and then married on July 11, 1991. The same year she started working for the Ireland Chiropractic clinic. Thus began Marcy’s love for riding Harley’s. Troy and Marcy left their wedding ceremony on a Harley, Marcy still in her wedding dress. Their daughter Danette Lee Mohr was born on March 30th, 1993, followed by their son Colton Vedder Mohr on July 12th 1995. After trying to make it work, Marcy and Troy quietly divorced in 1996. Marcy spent a lot of summers camping with Danny and Colton along with many friends. Fishing trips with friends and family were a regular occurrence. Her love affair with riding never stopped. In 2006 she got rid of her Yamaha and bought her first Harley, a blue Dyna Glide. She was an active member in ABATE and served on the board. In 2010 she became Mrs. Harley Davidson Alaska and served in that capacity for 2 years. Also, at this time, she traded in her old Dyna Glide for a red and black Heritage Soft Tail. Every year she could not wait for the melt to come so she could break out the Harley from the shed and hit the road. She was always a vocal advocate for recognizing riders and being conscious of them on the road. In February of 2012, Marcy eloped to Hawaii with Joel Simpson. They were married on the beach. Danny had already moved to Oregon after graduation and with Colton soon to be finished with school, they started to consider relocating to a warmer climate. They settled on Texas and in 2014 they moved to Corpus Christi. The warm gulf climate allowed Marcy to spend much more time on her bike.

On November 11th she was on her bike, headed to Coco Beach Florida to visit family. At 11:00 pm Florida time, 15 minutes south of Newberry, a person driving a Toyota corolla pulled out in front of her. Marcy never had time to stop. She was transported to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead from her injuries. Marcy is survived by her husband Joel Simpson, her children, daughter Danny and son Colton, her Father Virgil and many siblings, Tom, Duane, Arley, Jamey, Matt, Mark, Leah, Dan, Raymond, Alanna, and Katie and also by countless friends in Oregon, Alaska, and Texas. Every life she touched is better from knowing her. She will be remembered, always, as a bright shining life. Ride free Marcy. The family celebration of Marcy’s life is scheduled in Oregon, December 9. For all the Alaskan friends and family, an Anchorage celebration will take place on Saturday, December 10th at 4:00 PM at Reilly’s Irish Pub located at 317 W. Fireweed Ln.

ABATE of Alaska mourns this heavy loss and offers our most sincere condolences to Marcy’s family and friends. She was a real treasure to us all and will be sorely missed.

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