Help Stop Motorcycle Profiling!

Help Stop Motorcycle Profiling
Contact your Congressman or
Congresswoman in DC today!

The following is making its rounds through both the MRF ( and SMROs throughout the US. This is how we get their attention in a good and productive way! We are very lucky in Alaska as Congressman Don Young was one of the early co-signers for this. We can still do this in order to show him our support for this issue so he can help get it rolling early on in the next session. I encourage all of you to not only click on the link below, but to also share this with any fellow riders you know both within and outside of Alaska as well!

As the 114th Congress draws to a close, I wanted to see if you will help to make one more final push for co-sponsors for our House Resolution that addresses motorcycle profiling: H.Res.831

As you know, the recent election means we will have a new congressional session come January – as such, all current bills expire and must be reintroduced. This is true for our profiling bill as well. However, before Congress officially adjourns, I am urging you to help tell your legislators one last time to support this bill. Currently, the bill has 15 co-sponsors; 12 Republicans and 3 Democrats representing the following states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Alaska, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania & Texas.

This group of 15 is who we will start with in January to get a NEW bill introduced. I would like to expand that pool.

You can help by clicking on the below link:…

This will take you to a secure site where, upon filling out your name and zip code, a personalized letter to your Member of Congress and Senators will be automatically generated. Just click SUBMIT and ‘next message’ and then SUBMIT again and it will go directly to the transportation staffers for your Congressmen and Senators.

This takes no more than 5 minutes and will hopefully result in MORE SPONSORS so that come January, we’ll be at their door getting our next bill introduced early in session and therefore increasing chances of passage.

Thanks for your support – please feel free to forward this message and link on to all of your contacts and colleagues – the more letters your legislator gets the more likely he or she is to sign on!

Thank you!


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