Tattoo George needs our help

Tattoo George needs our help

Tattoo George needs our help

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George (Tattoo George) medical fund

George Colyer, probably known to most as Tattoo George, is a long time member of the Seward community as well as the Alaska state wide mc community. George donates his time to the Polar Bear Jump off, Local Domestic Violence, Seward Senior Center and statewide motor cycle fund raisers. Now, I am  asking both communities to help him out in his time of need.   He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October and had surgery in November. The next stage will be a form of cancer treatment once a week in Anchorage for the next 6 weeks.  He is on a very limited income and could use our help with travel and other expenses that have and will arise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

You can Help George by going to the link below and making a donation.

Thanks You All


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