Business Membership Policy

A business membership will be established to benefit both the members of ABATE and the our business partner.

Business membership will cost $60.00 per year.

The benefits to ABATE members will be a discount on all merchandise and services from the participating business if they choose to provide a discount. The discounts offered by a participating business will be listed in the business member section of the newsletter.

The benefit to the business member will be:

  • A free monthly business card ad in the newsletter and 25% off on all additional ads placed in the newsletter.
  • We will also list the business members in a section of the newsletter identifying them as a business member.
  • We will provide a certificate for the business to hang in their store identifying them as a business member.
  • We will provide Tri-Folds and holders to the businesses for displaying ABATE information on their countertops (if requested).
  • We will provider at least 10 copies of the newsletter and a holder to the businesses for countertops display (if requested).
  • We will display the business’s logo identifying them as business members on the ABATE web page, and provide a link to their web page (if applicable).

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