On the Road

This page showcases videos of motorcycle related incidents that involve both motorcyclists and vehicle (car) motorists, some of whom may either be improperly trained/educated in the safe operation of their prospective modes of transportation or are some who are just simply, dangerously, stupid.

The training and education that is available in the courses offered by A.B.A.T.E strive to prevent incidents like these from occurring. Be aware that you could be riding next to someone like those depicted here. ABATE of Alaska’s Rider Education program strives not to only to produce better, more observant, and safer riders, but also produce better, more observant, and safer drivers.

Now that you have your motorcycle and endorsement to ride it, PLEASE don’t succumb to machismo, or the need to show-off. It’s a glaring statement to the world that you don’t care about the safety of yourself or others. It will get you or someone else killed or destroys your bike or both.

To operate the video player:

Drag your mouse-cursor over the video window and click it to activate the player. (You need to have “Adobe Flash Player installed.) Click the big “Play” button in the middle and enjoy! Smaller images will appear at the bottom of the window. These are additional videos that you can choose from.


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