Downed Biker’s Fund

Purpose of the Downed Biker’s Fund

The Downed Biker’s Fund is not an insurance policy for it’s members.

The fund’s sole purpose is to act as a stop gap source of donated funds, that ABATE of Alaska can use for motorcyclist who need some extra help while in a time of crisis after a MOTORCYCLE accident.

While ABATE of Alaska gives these fund freely to those in need, we hope that some day after the crisis and recovery of the individuals is over and they are once again back at work and financially stable, they will see fit in their hearts to pay back some or all of the funds we were able to give, so we will have funds to give to the next rider in need.

Downed Biker’s Fund Policy

The purpose of this policy is to offer guidelines to the Downed Biker’s Fund administrator when they are asked to consider a request for assistance.

Who is Eligible (In descending order)

1. Is a member of ABATE of Alaska

  • Licensed to ride a motorcycle in accordance with state law
  • The immediate family of a deceased rider

2. Is a member of any of the other Alaska ABATE organizations

  • Licensed to ride a motorcycle in accordance with state law
  • The immediate family of a deceased rider

3. Is a member of any out of state ABATE or State Motorcyclist Rights Organization (The accident must have occurred in the state of Alaska and the rider is still in Alaska under medical care)

  • Licensed or permitted to ride a motorcycle in accordance with their state laws
  • The immediate family of a deceased rider

Cause for immediate disqualification (NO EXCEPTIONS)

1. If the rider involved in an accident is charged and convicted of a DUI
2. If the accident happened while in the commission of, or leaving the scene of a crime, or in pursuit by the police

How to Request Assistance

Submit request in writing no later than 90 days from the day of the motorcycle accident to:

ABATE of Alaska
ATTN: Downed Biker’s Fund
P.O. Box 92213
Anchorage, AK 99509-2213

Include the following information:

  • Name of the rider
  • A description of what happened
  • A police, insurance, or employers workman comp. report of the accident
  • A doctors report if the problem is medical.
  • A list of the creditors and the amount due to each. (The fund does not give cash to the individual or family members, nor will it reimburse the individual or family members for bills already paid.)

Allowable amount of funds available per request

Since ABATE can not guarantee the amount of funds available in the Down Biker’s Fund at any one time, fund may be dispersed at the following percentage rate of the funds balance. (In descending order)

1. ABATE of Alaska member – 50%,
2. Member of any other state ABATE organization – 50%,
3. Member of out of state SMRO – 33%,

The Downed Biker’s Fund administrator may recommend, and or the officers and board member may vote funds in lesser or greater amounts depending on circumstances that surround the request.

ABATE also reserves the right to choose which creditors the fund may be dispersed to.

The Fund can assist on items like:

  • Utility bills
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Household Essentials
  • Limited Transportation of Family members

The Fund does not assist on items like:

  • Medical or Doctor Bills associated with the accident
  • Ambulance or Medi-Vac Transportation Cost associated with the accident.
  • Funeral Expenses.

After the DBF administrator has received all of the documentation from the downed biker or their designee, they shall then present the request and their recommendations to the board for final approval and authorization of the funds as recommended by the DBF administrator, or amended by the board with in five (5) working days.

Approved February 6, 2003

Chairman of the Board
Secretary of the Corporation

Download the Downed Biker’s Fund in Adobe .PDF format.

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