ABATE of Alaska Annual General Elections

ABATE of Alaska
Annual General Elections

November 4, 2018

Abate of Alaska is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is not endorsing any specific candidates including those listed below.

This email is intended to clarify an oversight that has resulted in how an individual’s name appears on the ABATE of Alaska ballot.

Please note that “Peppermint Patti” Bogan‘s name appears as Patti Bogan on the version of the ballot that was actually mailed to members.  This was an oversight at the time of printing.  In discussing this issue with Patti, she has agreed that this email notice is a sufficient recourse in lieu of mailing new ballots to our members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please respond to this email or contact any ABATE of Alaska board member and/or Patti directly.

We do apologize for any confusion caused by this situation.

Mailed Ballot:

Corrected Ballot:

Reminder: You must be a current member of ABATE in good standing to vote. As stated in the cover letter with the ballot:

“After filling out your ballot place it in the return address envelope. Insure that your name and membership number is printed on the return envelope. You will need to have your ballot inside the return envelope whether you mail it in, drop it of at Alaska Leather, or bring it to the meeting to drop it in the ballot box.”

If you did not receive your ballot by mail, you may download a copy and print it out from here:
ABATE of Alaska 2018 Election Ballot

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