ABATE of Alaska Election Results

ABATE of Alaska
Election Results

Please meet your
2018 ABATE of Alaska Board and Officers!

(The Chair for 2018 will be elected by the board
at the January meeting.)

Board Of Directors
Dan “Havoc” Coffey
“Big Dave Grizzly” Monroe
Barbara “Barb” Smart
Dan “RC” Owens
Daniel “Spider” Schneider
Tim Kelly


Ed Rutledge
Vice President
Diamond Burgess
Lesle “Scottie” Moore
Tim Kelly
Sgt-At Arms
Daniel “Spider” Schneider
Legislative Affairs
Tom Evans
Run Coordinator
Judy Smith
Ken Coston
Rider Education
Barbara “Barb” Smart
Judy Smith
Gaming Officer
Ed Rutledge
Public Relations
Sarah Coe
Newsletter Editor
Erin Goggins
COC Liaison
Chris “Token” Applebee

Please come meet next year’s Board and Officers at ABATE of Alaska’s January 7th Annual Meet and Greet!

La Cabana’s in Anchorage
Saturday, January 27, 2018
312 E 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

More information to follow!


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