ABATE of Colorado Needs Help

ABATE of Colorado Needs Help

ABATE of Colorado Needs Help

Boyd McFail




United we Ride……..Divided we Drive

Ben Stickley

Vice President
Geoff Oliver

Lynn Fibranz

Bobbe Reilly

Co-Sgt-At Arms
Daniel "Spider" Schneider
Mike P

Legislative Affairs
Boyd McFail

Run Coordinator
Chris 'Token" Rigel

Bobbe Reilly

Rider Education
Barbara "Barb" Smart

Chris 'Token" Rigel

Gaming Officer
Jon Sonju

Public Relations
Ed Rutledge

Newsletter Editor
Bobbe Reilly 

Web Master
Big Dave Monroe

Board Of Directors

Dan "Havoc" Coffey

Geoff Olivert

Ed Rutledge
Barbara 'Barb" Smart
Boyd McFail
Dan "RC" Owens

President Emeritus
Karl "Two Tone" LeRay

Important message from
ABATE of Colorado
November 19, 2014

We at ABATE of Colorado are aware that there have been rumors going around the country about issues and problems within our organization. Unfortunately, we are experiencing some difficulties and very tough times. We have experienced some improprieties from within and have had to turn some information over to legal authorities for further investigation and resolution.

To try and return ABATE of Colorado to its original mission and objectives and get us back on track, we have replaced some of our leadership. We are making an extreme effort internally to reorganize and revamp how we conduct our business to the best of our abilities. We are also consulting with others from within the movement for their advice and counsel.

Currently we are experiencing some extreme financial difficulties that we may not be able to overcome without help. We have asked the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) for their assistance by distributing letters to its members and supporting organizations. We ask that any member, MRO, or supporting organization that could possibly help, make a donation to ABATE of CO. We are a 501(c) 3 not for profit organization so all donations are tax deductible.

                Donations can be made by going to:

www.abateofcolo.org and clicking on the donation button;

                Use your Pay Pal account to send to:  donations@abateofcolo.org; or

                ABATE of Colorado, P.O. Box 111528, Aurora, CO  80042-1528

Thank you for any donation you can provide and for your support.


Bruce Downs

State Coordinator



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