Be on the Look Out!

Be on the Look Out!

Be on the Look Out!

Boyd McFail




Ben Stickley

Vice President
Geoff Oliver

Lynn Fibranz

Bobbe Reilly

Sgt-At Arms
Justin Sheets

Legislative Affairs
Boyd McFail

Run Coordinator
Chris 'Token" Rigel

Bobbe Reilly

Rider Education
Barbara "Barb" Smart

Chris 'Token" Rigel

Gaming Officer
Jon Sonju

Public Relations
Ed Rutledge

Newsletter Editor
Bobbe Reilly 

Web Master
Big Dave Monroe

Board Of Directors

Dan "Havoc" Coffey

Geoff Olivert

Ed Rutledge
Barbara 'Barb" Smart
Boyd McFail
Dan "RC" Owens

President Emeritus
Karl "Two Tone" LeRay

Be On The Look Out!

Yes, it's that silly season again. It's election time.

No, No, we're not talking about the coming political elections for Govt. Offices.

We're talking about the election of ABATE Officers and Board Members.

Be On the look out for the next edition of the ABATE Newsletter coming to a mailbox near you. Inside the newsletter will be the Nomination Forms for our upcoming elections.

Think about who's name you would like to see on the ballot in November for the Officers and Board of ABATE. Write that persons name in for a position you think they would do a good job for ABATE and the membership. Remember you can also put your name in for a slot or two or three……if you wish to serve

Drop your Nomination forms off at Alaska Leather or bring it to the General Membership Meetings.



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