COC Poker Run This Saturday

COC Poker Run This Saturday

COC Poker Run This Saturday

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3rd Annual COC Poker Run

Ladies And Gentlemen: 
This coming Saturday is the 3rd annual COC poker run. 
i know there hasnt been a lot of information on this and it is last minute but it has been on the calendar all year and here is the details as best as i know them. 
  1. Meet at Carrs on Huffman at 12:00.
  2. Kick stands up at 12:30 
  3. Not sure of the poker stops but we are going towards Soldotna 
  4. End destination is the the Decanter Inn 
  5. As of last night there is still rooms available. 
  6. Poker run is $30.00 for the first hand which includes your meal ticket at the Decanter
  7. Each additional hand is 5.00 dollars each
i look forward to seeing everyone there and if it is anything like it has been in the past this is a run you really dont want to miss. The COC has done great job. Oh and remember this is not a mass mailer so spread the word to your organizations and beyond. 

Thank You
David Ellis
Account Manager
Air Liquide America LP
ph: (907)-529-8789 fx: (907)-561-8364

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