Juneau Trip Report Feb 10-12 2010

Juneau Report

Bills that I worked on while in the Capital

HB 181 Mandatory Headlight Bill

SB73 Mandatory Headlight Bill

SB219 Brain Trauma Bill – This bill has six to eight words that need to be removed because it is a back door to mandatory helmet laws. Scott Hamman found this and told me about the night before I left for Juneau.

HB328 Brain Trauma Bill dropped in the house while I was there.

I also touch lightly on the cell phone bills while I was there but they do not look like they are going to make it. The above bills pose more harm to us than passage of the cell phone bills.

I arrived on Wed. Feb 10 and met with Rep. Wes Keller from Wasilla, He has introduced HB 262 “Motorcycle Awareness Month”

I also met with Rep Herron’s (JUD) staff to discuss HB 181 and told them of our concerns of the brain trauma language coming from the senate bill.

I then spent the rest of my time making appointments with Senators to work on the senate bills

Later that night I met with Dan McCrummen and Bob Heflin. Dan is the President and Bob Is the Legislative Affairs Officer of Juneau ABATE. We discussed all of the legislation that we want to work on this year. Bob will join me in my meetings Thursday afternoon.

Thursday Feb 11.

Met with Rep Ramaras (Chair- JUD) Discussed HB 181, SB 73, SB 219. He told me he does not see 181 moving this year.

Met with Rep Gruensburg (JUD) staff. Discussed HB 181, SB 73, SB 219. While I was there a Blogger came in and interviewed me. During the interview Rep Gruensburg came into the office. He talked to the staff member and came out and grabbed me. He is a co-sponsor on 181. We had a real good talk about the safety aspect of the bill. While he did not come off his support of the bill, he did insist that I testify as to our concerns of the bill if it comes up for a hearing. In fact he said he was going to call me to insure that I know when it comes up.

That afternoon Bob and I met with the following:

Senator Steddman (Co-Chair Finance) Staff

Senator Thomas (FIN) Staff

Rep. Gatto (JUD)

Senator Olsen (FIN) Staff

Rep. Dahlstrum (JUD) Staff

Friday Feb 12.

I met with Rep. Kawasaki the sponsor of HB 181 and told him of our concerns with the bill. He told me that he was still going to push it and I can respect that. I did not have any thoughts that I would be able to change his mind. It was a courtesy visit anyway.

I met with Rep. Lynn (JUD)

Met with Senator Menard for a courtesy visit as she is the sponsor of SB 73

Met with Senator McGuire’s Staff she sponsored SB 219. We had a real good chat about the language. However we could not get it changed because it is schedualed for a hearing Monday Feb 15 at 1:30pm I will be there to testify. I also found out that they plan on changing the language of the bill to mirror HB328.

Costs for the trip

Airfare            $284.95

Room             $132.16

Car                 $143.57

Total $560.68


Here is a vidio of what I was explaining to the legisators about the Headlight bill


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