Details about the Transportation Secretary’s Attempt to “use” Training Funds.

The section of Law that is affected by Mrs. Peter’s legislative draft is Public Law 109-59 or SAFETEA-LU Section 2010 Subsection(e) Paragraph(1) which states that, “IN GENERAL.—A State may use funds from a grant under this section only for motorcyclist safety training and motorcyclist awareness programs…”, which includes criteria listed in subsections (A-D). In Mrs. Peters’ letters she only suggests that the States be able to use these training/educational funds “to promote the use of motorcycle helmets” (i.e. Universal Helmet Laws). She didn’t provide any language for her proposed draft.

I choose to use a helmet when I ride. No matter how effective helmets may be, they don’t educated or train motorcyclists and they don’t do anything to make that rider more aware of other motorists or those motorists any more aware of the vehicles, including motorcycles, that are around them. Mrs. Peters’ attempt at amending SAFETEA-LU is an attempt at removing the ability to make the choice to use a helmet. It’s this choice that many riders are “up-in-arms” about.


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