Anchorage MSF Rider Course

 Motorcycle Safety class registration is NOW OPEN
for the 2022 rider education season!

Classes will continue through mid-September weather permitting!


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ABATE of Anchorage has proudly offered Motorcycle Safety classes since 1991

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Basic and Experienced classes begin the last weekend in April and continue through the entire summer ending mid September depending on weather.
Read the Top Questions section of this page.

If you have any questions regarding classes (old or new) or the costs, please contact the Rider Education Coordinator at or call the Alaska Leather at 562-2324

ABATE of Anchorage, Inc. offers the following:

We recommend it for people with no experience, or unsure if riding a motorcycle is really for them. It is on Thursday evenings beginning the end of April. It consists of 3 hours of basic “on bike” riding instruction. No tests, no pressure, no worries. Student to instructor ratio is very low. It will give you valuable clutch and throttle practice if continuing on to the basic class.  Bike included for training.
MSF Basic RiderCourse
This class gives you the fundamentals of operating a motorcycle. It is basic, however it moves at a much faster pace than Kickstart. The course is spread over three days, which includes five hours of classroom instruction and ten hours of riding (Motorcycle included). They begin on Friday evening for the weekend classes and Sunday evening for the weekday classes at 6:00 PM.
MSF 3 Wheel Basic RiderCourse
Is a research-based and action-oriented core curriculum designed to teach beginning 3 Wheel motorcyclists of all ages the physical and mental skills necessary to ride safely on the street. It includes basic 3 wheel motorcycle operation, maximum effective braking techniques, turning skills, obstacle avoidance maneuvers, classroom instruction and ten hours of “on 3WMC” training.
Basic RiderCourse 2
For the rider who knows what he or she is doing, or thinks they know. Most riders who have never taken a class will be surprised how much they’ll learn. You take this course on your own motorcycle, improving your skills on your own machine. There is on-range classroom for the Basic RiderCourse 2. It is five hours of riding and instruction on the range. It is on Wednesday or  Friday evening beginning at 5:00 PM. There is a written test.
Basic RiderCourse 2 w/Passenger
Same as the Basic Rider Course 2, but with a passenger, on your own motorcycle. The course is designed for the rider who rides “two up” occasionally or all the time. This is excellent way for the driver to practice safety techniques with a passenger aboard. Your passenger will feel more comfortable on the road after this class because she/he will know what you’re doing and why. The the very first exercise is done solo and the passenger will ride on all remaining exercises. It’s a 5 hour course. No test for the passenger. It is in conjunction with the Experienced classes, just sign yourself up and bring a passenger. Your passenger must have all the required safety gear.
Advanced RiderCourse
The Advanced RiderCourse is a one-day course for experienced riders who desire to learn and practice more in-depth riding techniques. The ARC is an action oriented class geared to introduce concepts in time and space management. The overarching goal is to provide sufficient technical information, dynamic performance feedback, and peer group interaction to achieve an increase in perceptual filtering capacities to reduce risk while riding. Since the course focuses on the aspect of improving a riders skills it is important to take into consideration your personal comfort with YOUR motorcycle. You will be riding it for the course. You need to be comfortable with basic control and operation of YOUR bike before taking the course. You should feel confident riding in a variety of traffic situations including cornering, stopping quickly, and general maneuvering. You’re not required to master your skills prior to the course, it is only suggested that you are comfortable riding your bike, as such, you should only take the course on your bike.
Road Tests
Road Testing is a skills assessment of your motorcycling skills that is required by the State of Alaska. ABATE of Alaska can conduct this skills assessment for you so you don’t have to mess with the DMV schedules. Road Tests are scheduled by appointment only every beginning at 6:00 PM You must provide a motorcycle with current registration, proof of insurance and a Motorcycle Permit. The motorcycle must be street legal and in good operating condition. You will need to bring proof of satisfactory completion of the Road Test to the DMV office for your motorcycle endorsement. The DMV does charge a fee for the endorsement. The cost for testing is $39.00.
Private Lessons
This is a 3 hour private lesson including the bike for training. We will focus on what the student requests. It can be for absolute beginners or someone with riding experience to help build confidence. No certification is given.

Top Questions About the Classes

#13-Do I Get My License?
Yes! Successful completion of either the Basic or Basic RiderCourse 2 will get you a Course Completion Card which the State of Alaska, Department of Motor Vehicles recognizes as sufficient proficiency to place a Motorcycle Endorsement on your license. Please go to DMV as soon as possible as they only accept the completion card for 2 years.

#12 – What if I’m late for class?
What if you’re late for a cruise? The ship sails without you. Your slot will be given away to standby person at 6:15PM no ifs, ands or buts. If you are late for ANY scheduled session, you will not be allowed to continue the course.

#11 – Is there a “standby list” if a class is full?
No, however you may show up at the classroom the first night of class at 5:45PM. You must be pre-registered with homework in hand. We will choose standby names (randomly) at 6:15PM if there are slots available.

#10 – How much does it cost?

  • The Basic RiderCourse costs $285.00
  • The Basic RiderCourse 2 costs $160.00
  • Kickstart costs $99.00

#9 – When do I pay?
When you sign up. Paying for the course when you sign up is your commitment to show up and we’ll be glad to see you!

#8 – Do I need a motorcycle permit?
No. You do not need a motorcycle permit for either the Basic RiderCourse or the Basic RiderCourse 2.

#7 Do I need a bike?
If you are taking Kickstart or Basic RiderCourse then a you do not need a bike. ABATE of Alaska provides a variety of motorcycles under 500cc’s for you to learn to ride on.

If you are taking the Basic RiderCourse 2 or the Experienced Rider Course with passenger then you need to bring your own bike. For this course we recommend that you are familiar with your bike.

#6 – How long is it?
The Basic RiderCourse starts with a classroom session attended by all of the students. That’s approximately 6pm till 10pm on the first night. The class is split into a morning and afternoon session with the morning session students starting on the range at 8:00 am till around noon and the afternoon session students are on the range from about 1pm till around 6:00 pm.

We will then repeat the range times on the second day: 8am for the morning session and 1pm for the afternoon session. The riding evaluation is conducted at the end of your range time on the second day. There is no classroom on the second day so once you are done, around noon for the morning class and around 5pm for the afternoon class, you are done.

All class ending times are approximate and based on the actual start time of the class as well as the advance preparation of the students. When you pay for the class you will be given the course book and your homework assignment. Do your homework and your time spent in class will go quicker. Range times vary due to rider participation, weather and other random factors. It is helpful to the class as a whole if you show up early for everything. Showing up early for the range gets you riding sooner and showing up early for class allows you to ask questions. Show up early.

Don’t plan on staying up all night either night. You will be spending a minimum of four (4) hours riding each day so take it easy and get as much rest as you can.

Basic RiderCourse runs from the first weekend in April 30th through the first weekend in September, Friday through Sunday. A second session is Sunday through Tuesday for the months of May and June, and possibly Tuesday through Thurs if necessary.

The Basic RiderCourse 2 takes approximately 5- 6 hours and it runs from 5:00 to 10:30 PM or later. Only one evening! There is no classroom indoor for the Basic RiderCourse 2, it’s all done outside. There are both skills (riding) knowledge (multiple choice) tests. The Basic RiderCourse 2 is being offered Friday evenings. The Experienced Rider Course with Passenger is in conjunction with the Basic RiderCourse 2, just sign up for the experienced course and bring your passenger.

We have a lot of fun but we are serious about your learning. Participation is the key to your success. And if you miss any classroom or show up late for the range then you are done. No excuses.

#5 – What if I don’t pass
We have an extremely high passing rate. Take it easy and have some fun. In the event that you do not successfully complete the riding evaluation you are allowed one re-test within 30 days. Don’t beat yourself up, it happens.   Retests are done on Thursdays, please call Alaska Leather to schedule.

#4 – What if it rains?
What if it rains. Do you stay at home from work/school when it rains? Do you leave your bike in the garage if it rains? Will you ever get caught in the rain? Rain is something you will face as a rider and we still teach in the rain. Riding in the rain is more fun that you might think, so don’t worry about it.

#3 – What do I need to bring?

From head to toe:

  • -Helmet. We have loaner helmets for the Kickstart and BasicRider courses.
  • Eye protection. Glasses (prescription, not fashion), sunglasses or safety glasses.
  • Long sleeves in the form of a jacket, sweatshirt or a long sleeve t-shirt. Think layers. If it is hot you will want to take your jacket or sweatshirt off and you need to have long sleeves for a variety of reasons.
  • -Gloves. Full-finger leather or riding gloves. Absolutely NO fingerless gloves allowed.
  • Pants that aren’t loose around the ankles. Leave your bell bottoms at home.
  • -Over the ankle footwear. You need ankle support when you are riding. Sturdy boots, over the ankles and lace-ups are acceptable. Open toed sandals are expressly PROHIBITED.
  • -Raingear, just in case. We call it rain insurance.
  • Water, granola bars, etc. There are portable toilets but no other facilities. You can leave for lunch (one hour), there are several restaurants in area.

#2 – Where is it?
Classes are held at 4700 Elmore Road (Formerly South Bragaw) in the Municipal Permit office building. Come early to the first night of class because there is always a waiting list and if you show up late you might be booted out of the class. The classroom door is by the grill, not the front glass door.  Follow this link to Mapquest for driving instructions (

#1 – Will I get my license?
With successful completion of the written and riding evaluation for the Basic RiderCourse and the riding evaluation for the Basic RiderCourse 2, you will be issued a course completion card. The State of Alaska, Department of Motor Vehicles, also known as the DMV accepts this card as proof that you have taken the class. Take your Course Completion card to the DMV within two seasons of class completion and they will give you a new license, assuming that you don’t have any outstanding warrants, traffic violations or parking tickets. Keep in mind, the Anchorage Police Department and Alaska State Troopers do not accept this card so you need to go to the DMV, wait in line, fill out the forms, play with the pencils and sit on the bench and get a new license. You get a new picture too.